Stock Exchanges and History of Exchanges

Have a supply of exchanges allow those and business’s with a place to trade marketable securities to one another. The primary place where companies or governments issue or redeem securities is on exchanges. To be with you the need forstock exchanges we must initially go back in time, very far back in time to be […]

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Stock Market Valuation

Many bears claim that there is a bubble in the mergers and acquisitions world. As the thinking goes, too many U.S. (and foreign) companies are buying up other companies because credit is so cheap. (Please direct your thank you emails to Naysayers believe this M&A boom to be the surest sign that the U.S. stock […]

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Stock Volume Guide
Stock Volume

Have you ever driven by a department store and seen an inordinate amount of people lined up? Perhaps you’ve gone to a movie and seen hundreds of people in line waiting to see the next blockbuster film. This should tell you that whatever this crowd of people is in line for, it’s in high demand. […]

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Three Traits of Successful Day Traders
day trading2

The question of how to become a successful trader doesn’t have an exact answer. Some say that to become successful you need to work extremely hard, and dedicate all your time to achieving your goal. However, some people say that success depends on sheer luck. They say that hard work and dedication have nothing to […]

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