Dividends For The Long Run
Dividends long run

In order to succeed at investing you need to separate your emotions from your money. Too often investors get caught in the trap of thinking that their feelings and desires will somehow influence the fate of their investments as opposed to market forces. Bad investments need to be cut loose from portfolios and good investments […]

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How Diversified Should You Be?

It seems, every financial pundit keeps touting the benefits of diversification. Almost every author on thesubject of stock market investing proclaims that one needs to beadequately diversified. Even investors advocating a focused approach (say for instance Mohnish Pabrai) suggest thatsome level of diversification is necessary. The only two people who don’t advocate wide diversification are […]

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Dividend Investing vs. Inflation
Dividend Investing

A major benefit of dividend paying stocks is the constant cash flow. The cash received from the dividend payments returns investors with a certain return despite what happens to the stock market overall or in the greater economy. What is Inflation? Inflation occurs when a currency becomes worth less. This happens naturally in economies around […]

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