Dividends For The Long Run
Dividends long run

In order to succeed at investing you need to separate your emotions from your money. Too often investors get caught in the trap of thinking that their feelings and desires will somehow influence the fate of their investments as opposed to market forces. Bad investments need to be cut loose from portfolios and good investments […]

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Five things I learned from “Spin-off to Pay-off”

“Spin-Off to Pay-Off: An Analytical Guide to Investing in Corporate Divestitures” by Joseph W. Cornell is one of the few books that discusses spin-offs and the benefits of investing in them. The book outlines a number of considerations when determining whether a spin-off is attractive or not, and when and how to best profit from these situations. Here are five […]

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Fundamental Analysis

There are two main ways to analyze a stock, and decide if it is worthy enough to put your money in it. The first one is called fundamental analysis, where you study everything from the financial health of the company to the market conditions, the global and local economies, the performance of the competitors, etc. […]

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How Diversified Should You Be?

It seems, every financial pundit keeps touting the benefits of diversification. Almost every author on thesubject of stock market investing proclaims that one needs to beadequately diversified. Even investors advocating a focused approach (say for instance Mohnish Pabrai) suggest thatsome level of diversification is necessary. The only two people who don’t advocate wide diversification are […]

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How to Find Investment Ideas that Work

I started investing virtual money back in college via Marketocracy. I was a startup virtual fund manager with a seed money of $1 million. The rules are very much the same as the average mutual fund manager: you have a net asset value (NAV) computation and you have a 10% limit for a stock purchase. […]

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Stock Market Valuation

Many bears claim that there is a bubble in the mergers and acquisitions world. As the thinking goes, too many U.S. (and foreign) companies are buying up other companies because credit is so cheap. (Please direct your thank you emails to TheBenAndYellenTeam@qeforever.com) Naysayers believe this M&A boom to be the surest sign that the U.S. stock […]

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