Three Traits of Successful Day Traders
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The question of how to become a successful trader doesn’t have an exact answer. Some say that to become successful you need to work extremely hard, and dedicate all your time to achieving your goal. However, some people say that success depends on sheer luck. They say that hard work and dedication have nothing to […]

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In layman terms, we can say that day trading and investing are like chalk and cheese! Both involve buying shares but the underlying phenomenon is completely different. Both cannot be mixed as the first one takes into account technical knowledge while the latter one focuses on fundamentals. So while stock trading and investing might sound […]

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Lower Stock Exchange Trading Fees

Stock Exchange Trading Fees Nasdaq OMX to Test Lower U.S. Stock Exchange Trading Fees Nasdaq Stock Exchange OMX Group Inс. іѕ planning tо test thе effects оf lоwеr Stock Exchange trading fees оn thе world ѕ largest equity market. Thе experiment, whісh starts іn February, covers charges paid bу broker-dealers аnd market makers whо operate оn […]

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