Triple Tops and Bottoms – Chart Pattern Breakdown

One thing almost every single layman knows about trading is that it involves a lot of charts. That is definitely true. However, unlike a layman, a trader will have to know how to analyze the charts and recognize certain patterns. Those patterns can be used to then maximize the potential of said trader’s gains. So, […]

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Different Types of Stock Charts

A stock chart is a graphical illustration of stock market data and its qualitative analytical data. They are often used to ease the understanding of large quantities of data and the relationships between them. There are several types of stock charts that are used to gauge the price movement of the stock over time. Line […]

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Hedge Fund Characteristics and Working Principles

Hedge funds are alternative investments made available to special investors like large institutions and individuals with big assets. They use pooled funds which employ different means to earn active returns for investors. These pools of underlying securities offer flexibility in investment. This investment vehicle may be managed aggressively or use leverage and derivatives to generate […]

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What Are Penny Stocks?
Penny Stocks

A penny stock is a stock that trades at a low price without the major market exchange. Its market capitalization is small. Penny stocks are considered high risk and very speculative. This is due to their high bid-ask spreads, lack of liquidity, limited following, minimal capitalization, and disclosure. Penny stocks usually trade over the counter […]

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