Stock Trading Terms – The Basics and Definitions

An understanding of the basic stock trading terms is a big part of your success in the industry. Stock trading basics include familiarization of the basic terms used in the stock market, the types of orders, and choosing a broker that suits your financial and technical needs. Stock Trading Terms Bid In the stock market, […]

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Dividends For The Long Run
Dividends long run

In order to succeed at investing you need to separate your emotions from your money. Too often investors get caught in the trap of thinking that their feelings and desires will somehow influence the fate of their investments as opposed to market forces. Bad investments need to be cut loose from portfolios and good investments […]

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Break Down Goals into Achievable Steps – Balanced Living
break down goals

So how do you break down goals into achievable steps? I like to do this by breaking them into “bites.” You wouldn’t try to eat an entire meal at one time. Instead, you would eat it by taking bites of food. You should take a similar approach to your financial goals and goals in general.Previously, […]

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