Clifton Savings Bancorp, Inc. shares return to the pre-correction levels after lowering to the level of 62-day moving average

02/14 11:24
Within the previous 5 trading sessions the market has been moving up from $10.50 and has already gained $0.88 per share.

Clifton Savings Bancorp, Inc. shares started a 54-week long period from the level $8.60 and remained In flat until September, 2010. The active uptrend started from the 12-month low on $8.08. The current correction is the first significant trend interruption since its beginning.

Today NASDAQ:CSBK shares are above the 62-day moving average (at the moment at $10.53 and growing).

The nearest support level of the upcoming trend is above $11.00. This support line was tested twice in December, 2010. The price lowered to this level can be considered a good buy opportunity.

A significant resistance is on the level of the 54-week high on $12.18.

Portfoliorunner will track these shares and use proprietary analytical tools to identify possible corrections or up-moves.

Additional information: Clifton Savings Bancorp, Inc. is a savings and loan holding company that operates through its subsidiary, Clifton Savings Bank (Clifton Savings). Clifton Savings is a federally chartered savings bank. Clifton Savings operates as a community-oriented financial institution offering traditional financial services to consumers and businesses in its market area.

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